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We are looking for bowlers and sponsors (past & present) that deserve to be in the local Kearney USBC Bowling Hall of Fame.  If you know anyone that you think deserves this great honor, please fill out a nomination form (click on the nomination form link to the left) and submit it to the local association as soon as possible.

The purpose of the Kearney Bowling Hall of Fame is to perpetuate the names of those who have displayed outstanding ability in the game of American Ten Pins and/or have contributed through meritorious service to the general welfare and progress of the game in Kearney, Nebraska.

These people have achieved recognition at the local, state, and/or national level for ability in the game and/or have made outstanding contributions to the good and welfare of the game through administrative or organizational work, or in any other manner deemed to be meritorious.


     Name                              Year                 Name                              Year                   Name                             Year
Alvin Harold Brown 1991 LeWarren "Pete" Carlson 1991 Gale Dady 1991
R.F. "Mike" Hollinger 1991 Bob Vogt 1991 Randall L. Hollinger 1992
Alfred "Hook" Johnson 1992 Carl Nicolarsen 1992 Roy C. Preston 1992
Kent Smallcomb 1992 Leonard Jamrog 1993 Gus Kreutzer 1993
Fred Moes 1993 Jerry Zapp 1993 Harold Gary 1994
Edward Smallcomb 1994 Archie Busch 1995 Paul Lee 1995
Les Stevens 1996 Bob Zuerlein 1996 Bernard Deist 1997
Eugene Simpkins 1997 Ivan Stones, Jr. 1998 Andy Anderson 1999
Gary Hatcher 1999 Dale Janssen 1999 Terry Schroeder 1999
Jerry Schmitz 2000 Jeffrey Smallcomb 2000 Gappa Distributing 2001
John Nikkila 2002 Dennis Shultz 2003 Hilltop Lanes 2003
Bill Robinson    2004 Kevin Reed 2004 Big Apple Fun Center 2005
Chuck Brisbin 2005 Larry Giddings 2006 Lee Gudmundson 2006
Larry Harrington 2007 Grand Central Apple Market 2007 Ellis "Sonny" Bourland 2009
Todd Mathews 2009 Jim Johnson 2011 Lee Rodehorst 2011
Turner Body Shop 2011 John Becker 2013 Jeremy Dalland 2015
Ray McLaughlin 2015 Jeff Wirth 2015 Kearney Eagles Club 2015


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